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At this time, Christoph Egger’s first very own product – a mobile phone cradle made out of silicone – is at the marketing stage. An injury to a friend’s eye whilst skiing and an argument witnessed between a couple after a classic “sitting on the sunglasses” incident in faraway Asia six months later, causes the first inkling of an idea to take root in the head of the Tyrolean visionary. His initial plan at this time is to continue working with the commonly used material silicone. His first attempts, however, fail miserably.


Inflamed by his vision, Christoph sells the brand name and patent rights of the mobile phone cradle in 2005 and focuses his attention on the development of gloryfy. In the village of Mayrhofen in the Tyrol’s Zillertal valley, he constructs a clean room complete with laboratory for the purpose of carrying out the necessary tests and experiments, more or less without any assistance from external developers.